Corporate training is an investment in your workforce. Training and development increase productivity, morale, and leadership skills. People want to keep learning. Learning increases job satisfaction and productivity. Not all companies can have a full-time training department or maybe it isn't as large as it used to be. Let me help fill this void and invest in your workforce.

Corporate Training for Growth:

  • New Hire Training - Choose a combination of courses that are perfect for your new employees or let’s create a custom program so they can start off on the right foot.

  • Ongoing Employee Development Courses - Everyone likes to learn and feel like they growing and moving towards something better and even more challenging.

  • Interview Skills - Sure you need a good interview to get into a new company, and I can absolutely help with that. However, think of all the internal interviews conducted and how much more efficient and concise the interviews could be to get the right people in the right positions.

  • Networking Skills - The word “networking” alone can cause anxiety. Let’s change that by demystifying the whole process. Networking is simply being prepared to tell people who you are, what you do, and how you want to be known. Let us help you craft and present your best message.

Corporate Training for Presentations:

  • Executive Presence - Button up your presentations! Often, there are tiny, unconscious things we do that read not-so-great at work. I’ll help you tweak your professional and/or presentation presence to help you shine when it matters most.

  • Presentation Development - Not sure how to structure your presentation? What visuals should you use? Do you need to outline your talk? I can help with all aspects of developing your presentation.

  • Presentation Skills - From planning your message to making it clear to delivering it like a pro (and with confidence) let me help you strengthen your presentation skills for maximum impact!

  • Storytelling to Strengthen your Message - Stories aren’t just for bedtime. Data is informative, but a story is meaningful. Your audience will remember your story long after your PowerPoint fades from the screen. Learn how to identify, craft, and deliver a story that strengthens your message.

  • Think on your Feet - We’ve all had it happen: That high pressure moment when you are called on, or put on the spot. And you need to respond quickly, concisely, and intelligently. I can help you build and strengthen this muscle so you won’t be like a deer in headlights the next time this happens.

Corporate Training for Meetings:

  • Effective & Productive meetings – Everyone complains about meetings: How long they are, what a time suck they are, and how no one needed to be there. Change begins with you and this workshop! Learn how to effectively plan, execute, and audit your meetings for streamlined meetings and improved success.

  • Effective Meeting Facilitation – Strengthen your meeting leadership skills and improve your meetings’ efficacy.

Corporate Training for “Train the Trainer”:

  • Train the Trainer – If you’re new to training and are not sure how to train, let me show you the ropes. Best practices, adult learning principles, and ways to engage your audience are a few of the topics we’ll cover.

Corporate Training CLIENTS INCLUDE:

Fun, interactive workshops are a must!

Fun, interactive workshops are a must!

Completion of a three-day Train-the-Trainer

Completion of a three-day Train-the-Trainer