Overview of Craft and Communicate Your Message

Whether speaking about yourself, your business, a product, or anything you need to present, a focused message presented with strength will win your audience over.
In this custom workshop, participants will:

  • Identify and clarify their purpose statement

  • Draft their message

  • Understand how to employ the message in various scenarios

  • How to present their message with strength and confidence

Part 1: Craft Your Message

  1. WRITE: What’s Your Purpose?

    • What is your purpose? Who are you and how do you want to be known?

    • Know your purpose and the audience

  2. EDIT: Key points

    • Focus on your strengths

    • Write your first draft using key points

    • Structure your message relevant to your audience

  3. FINALIZE: Polish it up!

    • Getting feedback

    • Editing for flow

    • Practicing verbal communication

    • Preparing for formal and impromptu settings

Part 2: Present Your Message


    • What networking is and isn’t

    • Why it matters

    • You are always networking

    • Skills Practice


    • Interviewing best practices

    • Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes

    • Skills Practice with Peer Feedback


    • Framing your message

    • Speak with confidence

    • Skills practice with feedback

    This segment will include tips for handling anxiety, and being prepared to present in all scenarios - even last minute!