Where are you based? Do you travel to deliver workshops, seminars, etc?

I’m based in Chicago, and yes, I travel nation-wide and to other parts of the world for my clients.

Can you deliver a workshop/coaching/seminar on-site, or do we have to come to you?

I deliver presentations, workshops, etc., on-site at your office or event. For individual coaching, clients have the option to meet with me at their office or my office.

Do you videotape or audiotape me?

My work features on-your-feet skills practice, and clients have the option to be video- or audio-recorded when we work together. I highly recommend it. It’s the best, most honest feedback you will get.
I keep none of the recordings; they are turned over to the participant immediately or deleted - your choice. All work is confidential, and any information shared in workshop or coaching sessions remains confidential.

Do you offer Individual Coaching over Skype?

Yes, if you are not in or near Chicago, I offer coaching via Skype or a similar face-to-face online platform.

How much do you charge?

Rates vary based on type of service, length, number of participants, preparation, additional collateral, etc.
Please contact me for an accurate quote.

Are you really that bad of a ukulele player?