What "Bohemian Rhapsody" can teach you about interactivity

Well after the Oscars have finished, I finally saw “Bohemian Rhapsody.” (Congrats, Rami Malek!) I loved it. One scene in particular spoke to me:

Guitarist Brian May tests his audience-involvement on the band.

In case you didn’t see the movie (or the clip above), guitarist Brian May introduces the “We Will Rock You” beat as a way to give the audience a song they can play. When he saw the audience singing Queen’s songs, he noticed the power of the interactive experience and created one for future shows.

When it’s your turn to speak to an audience, I invite you to take an additional step beyond your preparation: Note what your audience likes and responds to. What engages them? When are they the most energized? Work more of that into your talks and presentations.

Need some ideas to energize your room? Try something from the Icebreakers website.

Thumbnail courtesy of Fox Movies. Video clip via Mehmet 410cp on YouTube.