What I Tell My Clients to Read (and Watch...)


It occurred to me, after suggesting the same resources for the third time in five days, “Maybe I should should share this.” Having a blog post is a lot easier than me writing this down on an index card for every single client I see.

There are a handful of books, websites, and TED videos I recommend to my clients. Here they are, along with my reasons for the high praise:

  1. Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel

    I stumbled on this one over 10 years ago, and haven’t stopped recommending it since. Great advice in short, digestible chapters with actionable to-dos. This work changed my behavior for the betterment of my career. Fun fact: A sit-com pilot loosely based on this book was shot in 2007.

  2. Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead (But Gutsy Girls Do) by Kate White

    More business advice for women from former Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White. This book features her tales from the trenches, wherein we see specific instances of the gutsy-girl behavior. It’s mostly out of print (copies can be found via alibris) and a tiny bit dated, but the advice is solid. Reading this book made me re-think my day-to-day actions and change my behavior. Fun fact: Long gone from Cosmo, Kate White now writes mystery novels.

  3. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are - TED Talk - by Amy Cuddy

    This talk went viral and made Cuddy a clichéd overnight sensation. And then the Social Science Mob came for her. Forget the naysayers - Cuddy knows her sh*t. I’ve recommended her “power posing” techniques to clients and even use them myself when I’m having a particularly sluggish day. One overlooked facet of her talk is her discussion of Imposter Syndrome. I’ll bet every one of you can relate - because I can, too. Fun fact: Cuddy loves to watch political debates for the power poses; she even recommends making a drinking game out of it.

I’ll continue to add my favorite resources here. In the meantime, need help with an upcoming presentation? Call me!